Creating A Digital Generation​

At Apps and Girls, we believe that Tech is the reality of the future as we move deeper into the digital revolution, and entrepreneurship is a driving force. We work to break various barriers that hinder girls & young women in ICT such as a non-existent support system, lack of role models, and prevailing gender stereotypes by providing the alternative, a supportive path into the field of ICT, and a future in tech. 

About Apps and Girls

Apps and Girls is a Tanzanian award-winning social enterprise that empowers girls and young women to create the world they want to live in using technology.

At Apps and Girls, we give girls and young women the skills and a platform to become effective tech-entrepreneurs, including high-quality software and hardware programming. We focus on girls and young women from both privileged and underprivileged backgrounds, at secondary school, university, or out-of-school, on our mission to reduce the gender gap in ICT, tech-entrepreneurship and empower more change-makers in Tanzania.


To give Girls the skills, tools, self-esteem, and competitive edge to become effective leaders and drive change in their communities using technology.


Our vision is to see Girls and young Women empowered by ICT to create the world they want to live in.

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Our Programs

Coding Clubs

Weekly coding clubs in secondary schools empower girls with coding skills, inspiring them to pursue STEM courses, fostering digital literacy, and enabling them to develop innovative digital projects for successful careers.

Robotics Program

We have created a robotics program to encourage problem-solving, creative thinking, and a healthy sense of competition that drives innovation from students.

Jovia program

The Advanced IT and Entrepreneurship training for underprivileged girls and young women. The program targets girls and young women who could not afford higher education or dropped out of school due to socio-economic reasons in Tanzania.

Mentorship and Incubation

We provide mentorship and incubation both online and offline to emerging young female TECH entrepreneurs which includes access to indispensable resources (support for business plans, crowdfunding, access to potential investors/funders and mentoring) to support the successful launch and scale-up of their IT-based enterprises.

Tech & innovation Events

We host events like workshops, hackathons, Girls Code Camps, and the Girls Entrepreneurship Summit for secondary and high school girls in Tanzania. These gatherings aim to foster innovation, creativity, and problem-solving skills through technology, encouraging girls to lead healthy lives and use their skills for positive community impact.


“The program exceeded my expectations. I have to admit, I wasn't overly enthusiastic when I first applied, but attending it completely changed my perspective. The trainers are fantastic, and I'm genuinely excited to continue and further develop my project. This experience has been truly transformative, and I'm confident in the impact it will have on my journey ahead”
Janeth Jackson
Student, Jovia Program
"Apps and girls have become my guiding light, showing me a path filled with endless possibilities. I am determined to use the tools they provided to make a lasting impact in the world. Thank you, Apps and Girls, for believing in me and inspiring me to believe in myself."
Student, Coding Clubs
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Mafere Street, House No. 22, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


Within YWCA, George Street, Kampala, Uganda.

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